Comfortable in Your Skin: Our Monthly Integrative Aesthetics Info Sessions

From tattoo removal to body sculpting and more, the new Integrative Aesthetics program at the Raby Institute can help you feel your best

Dr. Raby and Dr. Patawaran


After we brought on the MonaLisa Touch for women's vaginal health, we realized what a great fit it was for our patients. Women who had lived for years with pain and dryness suddenly felt a renewed energy.


Their enthusiastic response encouraged us to expand our laser therapy options, branching into:

  • tattoo removal
  • fine line and wrinkle reduction
  • skin spot and acne scar removal
  • fat reduction
  • skin tightening


Each month, we'll offer an informational session for people who want to learn more about these FDA-approved services. The non-invasive treatments provide quick cosmetic evolutions (think: 15 to 25 minutes) with recovery time lasting not even a full day. 


"Our goal is to balance physical well-being with mental well-being," says Raby Institute Founder Theri Griego-Raby, MD, ABHM. "We're helping patients let go of their pasts so they can move forward with confidence."


At the monthly informational sessions, Raby Institute providers and representatives from the laser companies talk about the benefits of the lasers and answer attendees' questions about recovery time, safety, cost, and more. The providers then met with interested attendees after the lecture for one-on-one consultations.


The new Integrative Aesthetics program offers patients yet another safe and effective adjunct to existing programs already available at the Raby Institute. Dr. Raby encourages patients to use the laser therapies in conjunction with existing integrative detox programs at the Raby Institute, including the:

  • Transformation diet
  • HCG program
  • Detox
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Ketogenic diet


"The nurturing and empowering environment we've purposefully created at the Raby Institute helps patients discover their innate powers of healing. We strive to fill that space with the latest tools and information, ensuring our patients have options in the latest in integrative technology," Dr. Raby says.


Learn more about the new Integrative Aesthetics program at the Raby Institute at our upcoming info sessions. Call (312) 276-1212 for questions. Upcoming info session dates:

"Dr. Raby is very knowledgeable about all different kinds of treatments and is open to new ideas and natural remedies.  She is compassionate, understanding, honest and real."
- Raby Institute patient