Importance of an Annual Gynecological Exam


As the end of 2014 approaches, take a look back and make sure you met all of your medical needs this year. For women, that includes the annual gynecological exam.


But don't let your annual exam be something you dread.


Integrative Gynecologist Katherine Thurer, MD, offers a unique approach to women's healthcare. Board certified in Integrative Medicine, she believes in looking at the whole person and treating women beyond their symptoms.


Dr. Thurer realized early that a strictly western approach to medicine didn't hold all of the answers. "Western medicine is amazing, especially for cases of acute trauma. However, for chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and endometriosis, we need to go to the root cause," she said.

The Raby Institute enables that kind of thoughtful care. Dr. Thurer conducts standard gynecological services, as well as in-office, minimally-invasive procedures such as hysteroscopy (for example, to remove polyps) and Essure, a permanent sterilization technique. She also is an Instructor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern Prentice Women's Hospital.

"If you go to a gynecologist because you have painful periods, the majority of the time they'll give you Advil or put you on the pill. It's the way we are trained," Dr. Thurer said. "I can do that, too, but the integrative approach is not just a band-aid quick fix. I want to address the underlying cause with each patient."


If you haven't had your annual gynecological exam yet this year, schedule an appointment today: (312) 276.1212.



"Dr. Raby is one big ball of positive energy! She is very inspiring and upbeat. I feel good when I leave her office - I feel empowered and encouraged."
- Raby Institute patient