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Cecila Hylak Reinholtz

HCG Longevity Diet

Cecila Hylak-Reinholtz

"I lost 195.7 pounds on the HCG Diet while under the care of the Raby Institute.  The diet was by no means an easy one, but I was determined to make it work. The Raby Institute and HCG were my last resort before considering a gastro bypass surgery. I didn’t want to go the route of the surgery because I know people who it was not successful for and I wanted HCG to work for me. I wanted my life back.


During the diet, I attended therapy sessions, which was very helpful for me to make it through and eventually sustain my results. After I would go grocery shopping, I would pre-cut and prepare all my portions for the week ahead of time and then my husband would cook them for me. I made sure to adhere strictly to the diet and took precautions in advance so that it would be harder to stray. It wasn’t a matter of sacrificing food for me. It was a matter of eating and moving on so that I could be happy.


Now that I have completed HCG and lost nearly 200 lbs., there is nothing that I can’t do. I go to Zumba classes, I kayak, I run 5Ks. I can go to Great America and ride all the rides, I can shop wherever I want, and I can choose from any airline that I want. Before the diet, none of these things would have been a possibility for me.


People often tell me that I am lucky to have lost so much weight. I don’t feel lucky though, because I made the diet work for me. It wasn’t luck that HCG worked, I made sure to stick to the diet and to the recommendations of the Raby team. I stayed true to the diet, so it worked for me.


HCG was challenging but it was definitely worth it to have my life back and not be defined by the limits of my weight." 


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