Relax, Renew, Re-Group: Supporting Your Team 

The work my team and I do at the Raby Institute day in and day out isn't always easy. We love you-our patients-and sometimes your appointments go as smoothly as we could ever hope: an annual check up that shows all normal lab work, a preventative consult that sheds light on a new supplement. Other times, though, we have to give a challenging diagnosis, or we struggle to find a reason for a mysterious set of symptoms.

Whether we show it or not, these situations take a toll on us mentally, physically, and emotionally. We care deeply about you; that's why we work in this field. And we're constantly consulting with each other about what the cause of a case may be or treatment options for a difficult diagnosis. We work relentlessly-through ongoing education, discussions with one another, and outreach to the rest of our medical community-to make sure we're offering you the latest and most optimal options for your continued health.

This work requires dedication. It also requires self-restoration and re-connection. With that in mind, I planned a series of events this summer to help my team take care of themselves and enjoy each other's company outside of the responsibilities of our daily work together.

I started by inviting yoga instructor Ruzica Wiesen to hold a special hatha yoga session with our team one evening. Ruzica spent nearly two hours with us, guiding us through poses that challenged us mentally and physically, but also left us feeling completely restored and connected to a deeper level of peace.

She shared her yoga philosophies with us as well, encouraging us to focus on our breathing and staying grounded through the series of slow, deliberate evening poses. Her work gave us new tools to use in our personal restorative practices, but it was also rewarding to take the time to experience learning together.

A couple weeks later, I asked intuitive-based somatic therapist Nancy Regan to spend an entire day with our team, holding one-on-one massage sessions. Nancy specializes in using extremely light touch to release stagnant energy throughout the body. Her work supports people dealing with complex emotional and spiritual issues, which may manifest as anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness, or physical ailments.

At the end of each session, Nancy took a few minutes to discuss with each of us different obstacles she had picked up on from our session. She offered insights for coping with whatever challenges we faced. It was an important opportunity to look inward and take time in the day to focus on ourselves.

Our team spent that evening on the breathtaking rooftop of the London House, which sits across the Chicago River from us. The views provided grand perspective on the community we serve, and the drinks we enjoyed together gave us a chance to laugh and spend time with each other in a fun, light setting. We were able to turn off for a couple of hours and just enjoy each other for who we are outside of work.

Relax, renew, regroup—that’s what this past season has been about at the Raby Institute. I love my team and deeply value their diligence and dedication. But when we spend so much time taking care of others, we also have to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.

I encourage you to think about the team that supports you in your life, whether professionally or personally. What tools can you share with them to ensure their continued success? Have you spent time together lately re-connecting and enjoying each other for who you are? Think of ways you can show your team that you value them—and make the system that supports you even stronger.

To the success of yourself and your team—relax, renew, re-group.

Theri Griego-Raby, MD, ABHM

Early traditional Chinese medicine stemmed from Taoist masters who developed an extraordinary sense of the body and its workings through their many hours of meditation.