Samantha GarciaSamantha

Patient Care Coordinator

Of all the things that Samantha does in a day at the Raby Institute, she enjoys working directly with patients the most. "I like feeling like I'm helping someone when they really need it," she says.

Before joining the Raby Institute, Samantha worked at a women's health practice in the suburbs of Chicago. She learned the value of patience early on, and says, "Being impatient creates a lot of conflict. Patience goes a long way."

While she has more than six years of experience coordinating patient care, Samantha only recently started working specifically in integrative medicine. Throughout her life, however, she had always looked for doctors who believed in treating the whole person, instead of solely prescribing medications

"I'm still observing what exactly integrative medicine means, and it's nice to see patients really happy with the treatment they're getting," Samantha says.

Samantha keeps busy outside the Raby Institute with cultural outings to movies and festivals, as well as restaurants around the city. She also plays tennis and guitar (see her soon at open mic nights).

Additionally, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family and traveling north to Wisconsin. There, she keeps connected to her Ojibwa heritage by visiting family on the reservation. 

"I love visiting the Raby Institute. Dr. Raby knows how to help me feel comfortable and at ease. I feel like she really hears me and cares about my health."
- Raby Institute patient