Tracey Burns

Office Supervisor, Integrative Aesthetics Supervisor

Patient Care Coordinator Tracey had been a patient at the Raby Institute for years before joining the staff in 2016.

After retiring from her role in Marketing and Promotions with a cosmetics company in 2014, Tracey found that she missed going into an office and being a part of a team. So when she saw on Facebook that the Raby Institute was hiring, she applied.

Tracey was drawn to the position at the Raby Institute specifically because she believes in the mission and she wanted to positively impact the lives of others. She also wanted to feel excited about going to work each day. Because she has been a patient at the Raby Institute herself, Tracey says she identifies with what the patients she encounters each day are going through.

“I know when they come here, there’s a need, and I know how I would want to be treated. Sometimes you come here with a lot of different things on your mind,” Tracey says.

As a patient, Tracey saw her own health improve as she became proactive in what she ate and paid closer attention to her lifestyle choices.

“I didn’t want to just go to the doctor and take medications. I wanted to take charge of my health and that decision has made such a big difference,” Tracey says.

Outside of work, Tracey loves spending time with her children and grandbabies, as well as with her husband. She enjoys going to movies and concerts, and staying active in her church.

But that’s not all: Tracey also runs her own company-a concierge, life management and travel services business. She says her purpose is to “make a difference in the life of the one who makes a difference in the lives of many.”

Those business goals translate well to Tracey’s work at the Raby Institute. “That’s how I look at Dr. Raby and what she does. She makes a difference in so many people’s lives.”

Tracey Burns