Stephanie KosStephanie Kos, LMT

"I believe in the body's ability to self-heal through theraputic touch.  My goal is to support activating this mechanism in every patient" - Stephanie Kos, LMT

With over 13 years of experience, Stephanie has a passion for her work that can be seen in her enthusiasm and excitement for the work of massage therapy.  Stephanie is state licensed in massage therapy and recieved her Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma from The Soma Institute.

"Theraputic Massage is a tool that can be used to help regulate, prevent and recover from disease caused by the story line of our lives." Stephanie says.

The care and attention Stephanie provides to each patient stems from her understanding of how Massage can assist the body in it's healing and strengthening process.  By using a series of techniques specific to the layer she's working in, she has created her own style that many have referred to as "different and effective".

Stephanie has a deep appreciation for Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET) and has completed    LET 1 and LET 2 training. She is passionate about educating others on the benefits of lymphatic detoxing and helping patients reach thier healing and general wellness goals.


Stephanies modalities include:

Clinical massage/Injusry Rehabilitation - Theraputic Toouch for Trauma - Lymphatic Therapies - Reflexology and Integrative Reflexology - Myofascial Techniques - Prenatel Massage - Facial Massage - Manual Lymphatic Drainage




"My physician takes the time to talk to me. When I go to the Raby Institute I know I am going to get more than a prescription – I am going gain a deeper understanding of my complete health."
- Raby Institute patient