Impeccable Self Care


Presented by Theri Griego Raby, MD, ABIHM ~

Katherine Chavez, ND ~ Michelle Goebel-Angel, L.Ac., MSOM, MBA

How you breathe, move, rejuvenate and show up every day makes all the difference to your health. Are you considering your circadian rhythm and living in harmony with seasonal changes? Are you aware of the toxic energies or thought patterns that keep you stagnate and inflamed? Mental, emotional, and physical fatigue may have built up throughout the year. Do you create space in your life to heal, to grow and to shine?

In this revamped six-week program, our aim is to walk with you through your unique uncovering and rediscovering of why it matters and why listening to your intuition is key to your success. Each week, you can expect interactive worksheets and discussions, self-care tips, essential oils, healthy food choices and more.

Our program begins Wednesday, October 5 through November 9, from 5-6pm. The class is submittable to your insurance, copays and deductibles will apply.

Call 312-276-1212 to register!

Each class will run for one hour via Zoom, and the program is broken down featuring (but not limited to) these topics each week:

  • Oct 5 – Stress & Behavioral Shifts to Achieve Impeccable Wellness
  • Oct 12 – Why Self-Care and How Does Inflammation Play a Role
  • Oct 19 – An Energetic & Intuitive Approach to Feeding Body and Mind 
  • Oct 26 – A Seasonal and Timely Approach to Eating
  • Nov 2 – Movement – Shift Into Balance
  • Nov 9 – Sleep: Restore and Repair Your Circadian Rhythm

You are worth it!

Insurance is accepted for current Raby Primary Care patients (Copays & Deductibles may apply) Otherwise, class cost is $100 for each class.

Call 312-276-1212 to register.