Physician Kristen Donigan standing outside against a backdrop of trees

Kristen Donigan, DO

Integrative Internal Medicine


Integrative Internist Kristen Donigan, DO, hopes to help patients live their best lives--the same desire that initially drove her to study medicine.


"My foundation is in the physical body, but I'm very passionate about how all other aspects of our life impact our physical well being. I'm looking to gently shed light on my patients' blind spots," she says.



In an age of information overload, patients often need guidance incorporating health content into the context of their unique lives. For Dr. Donigan, this can mean helping patients reconnect to their own intuitive wisdom. In having those conversations, Dr. Donigan believes in fostering authentic connections with her patients. " I like to keep it real," she says with a laugh.


Naturally curious, Dr. Donigan grew up loving nature and wanting to understand how things work. She had an aptitude for science, but was also gentle and nurturing. Her grandmother's approach to health and eventual battle against colon cancer also influenced Dr. Donigan early on.


"Even before cancer, my grandma dealt with problems that doctors couldn't understand. That led her to seek healing through natural means and a healthy lifestyle before it was popular," Dr. Donigan says.


Those health habits and the way her grandma treated others fascinated Dr. Donigan as a young girl. "It took me working in medicine to realize that I'm not the first healer in my family. My grandma showed up for people, listened, held space. She was a healer," Dr. Donigan says.


In her own life, Dr. Donigan says she lives integrative medicine, too. She relies on the power of acupuncture and Chinese herbs for her own health, and regularly seeks out healing modalities from cultures around the world.


"Everything I do in my life informs my practice," she says.


Dr. Donigan started her career in medicine as a research scientist. After three years in research, her desire to be directly involved in patient care led her to her doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine. She went on to complete her residency training in Internal Medicine at Rush University Medical Center and has been board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine since 2011.


Her first two years of practice were in traditional Internal Medicine and Primary care where she served both outpatient and hospitalized patients. Next, she joined a multidisciplinary holistic medical clinic, and honed her integrative practice style. Additionally, she is a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine and a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Dr. Donigan was drawn to the Raby Institute because of the treatment model, team approach, and "the understanding that healing starts as soon as the elevator doors open." She also appreciates the healing space that Dr. Raby designed--a place of rest, peace, and renewal.


Outside of work, Dr. Donigan enjoys good conversation with friends and family--especially when food is involved. She also loves dance, documentaries, books, podcasts, and spending time in nature.


To learn more about Dr. Donigan or to schedule an appointment, please call (312) 276-1212.

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"Without health, life is not life, life is lifeless."
- Ariphon the Sicyonian